• Image of Contemporary Sacred heart Milagro necklace
  • Image of Contemporary Sacred heart Milagro necklace

My hand carved version of the sacred heart Milagro that is cast in silver and hung on a rose gold filled or silver chain. The sacred heart Milagro symbolizes God's all unconditional love for humanity and the Passion of Christ. It encourages you to love blindly with your whole heart and without judgement.

Size: Lg. a little bigger than a quarter. Sm. A little bigger than a nickle.

As Part of the Milagro series these pieces are filled with intentions of wellness, peace and love. The wearer is invited to bring their own intentions onto the pieces as well.

The blessing... As a part of a religious ritual or act of devotion, Milagros have been left in churches as prayers in healing, offered to a saint as a reminder of a petitioners need, or in gratitude for a prayer answered. modernity, they are carried for protection, luck, and to represent wishes. Milagros are a part of the magical and symbolic past common to all
cultures which continues to influence our lives today.